Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission

Western Health Center’s mission is to reduce the pain and suffering from many of mankind’s most devastating diseases and conditions by delivering the future promise of Our Stem Cell therapy today.

Founded in 1995, Western Health Center is a pioneer in Stem Cells and the leading provider of Our Stem Cell therapy. Western Health Center has already delivered the promise of Our Stem Cells to over two thousand patients, both children and adults from all over the world.


The treatment center at Western Health Center is a facility specifically designed to ensure a comfortable environment for patients and their families. Strategically located near a major hospital and manned with a full staff of doctors, nurses and ancillary staff, we strive to offer our patient the most safe and cutting edge Stem Cell treatment available.


We operate our own Stem Cell laboratories and research centers. Our top-notch scientists continuously translate advances in Stem Cell science into innovative new treatments for our patients.

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